Ramla as an Industrial and Employment Center


Ramla as an Industrial and Employment Center

In recent years, Ramla has undergone a real transformation in all that concerns employment. From an 8%-9% unemployment rate, the citys current unemployment rate has dropped to a mere 3.2% (December 2008). Over the past few years thousands of jobs have been created and Ramla has doubled its surface area. The city has two main industrial zones: Industrial Zone A, in proximity to the City of David, offering light industry and commerce, serving many residents from all over the region. Industrial Zone B, in proximity to the Nesher Plant, isolated and removed from the city core, facilitates heavy industry.

Ramla encourages the establishment of modern plans offering thousands of jobs and pathways to a better economic future for the city. There is a long list of plants which have chosen Ramla as their home, such as Nesher Ramla Plant Neshers flagship plant, one of the malt industrys leading plants, Taavura Holdings Ltd. Israels leading road haulage and logistics organization and Iscor Ltd. which operates Israels largest metal and steel service centers and Poliva Ltd. Israels largest distributor of food and baking supplies, and more.

  Government Complex

As the capital of the Central Region, a Government Complex was established in Ramla, housing diverse government offices, such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Vehicle Licensing Bureau, the Employment Service, VAT, Israel Income Tax, Ministry of Health, the Regional Committee for Planning and Construction, and others. These offices offer services to all inhabitants of Ramla, and the outlying cities.


Economic Revolution

The Ramla Municipality has initiated a municipal strategic plan, which has led the city to impressive achievements. In 2006 the municipality led an economic revolution and was a pioneer in issuing municipal bonds. This move garnered numerous successes, namely budgetary balance, increased investment in the development of infrastructures and the creation of a vibrant community. All these activities are conducted in collaboration with the inhabitants of Ramla to shape the citys future and provide diverse and munificent services, motivated by the belief that the resident is always right.